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HAWAII’S GODLY LEGACY is a lecture series by Leon Siu, that takes the listener on a fascinating tour of Hawaii's amazing spiritual journey, viewing the remarkable evidence of Ke Akua's (God's) grace and mercy throughout the history of Hawaii and its people.

Why is this important? God commands us to examine our history to see the evidence of His abiding presence among us, and His faithful hand of deliverance from sin and adversities. The Bible tells us that there were many times when Israel fell away from God and sank into idolatry and other forms of rebellion against God. But then, a priest or a prophet or a king would bring out the scrolls of Moses, dust them off, and have them read aloud in public. And when the people heard again the stories of Adam and Eve, Noah and the flood, the tower of Babel, God's covenant with Abraham, their deliverance out of Egypt, manna in the desert, the fall of the walls of Jericho, and so forth... there would be great conviction, repentance, rejoicing and revival as the people grasped anew the goodness, mercies and purposes of their God!

As in Israel of old, when we recall the many times that God laid his hand upon Hawaii, He will rekindle His Aloha among us and bring about revival and transformation!

Leon Siu

Leon Siu hails from the island of Hawai'i with a diverse background in the arts. He is an accomplished musician, vocalist, recording artist, composer, poet, lyricist, arranger, and producer of audio, film, video and literary works. He is best known as half of the famous musical duo, Leon & Malia. His versatility puts him in demand as a consultant to cross-disciplined, cross-cultural, arts and media projects.

Leon Siu is the only native Hawaiian composer to have had a major symphonic work recorded by the famous London Symphony Orchestra. He has composed sound-track music for several award winning films including the National Geographic Special, The Voyage of the Hōkūlle'a. He is also known for writing many children's songs. He remains active in producing audio and video recordings and performs concerts regularly throughout the islands.

Leon Siu is one of the founders of  Aloha Ke Akua Ministries, which encourages native peoples to look for God within  their own cultures. He was the editor of the seminal book on Hawaii's spiritual journey, Perpetuated in Righteousness. He is a leader in the rise of indigenous worship expressions around the world. He is engaged with cultural revival throughout Hawai'i, restoring Hawaiian fishponds, taro fields, canoe building and more.

Leon Siu is an astute political analyst and strategist and has several received awards and recognition for his work in affecting public policy. He currently serves as the principal diplomat for the Hawaiian Kingdom in its pursuit of reinstatement as an independent nation.

Besides being an effective diplomat for the Hawaiian Kingdom, Mr. Siu is a strong voice for human rights of all people. He is the Chair of the Decolonization Alliance headquartered at the United Nations Plaza in New York City. He was nominated for the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize; the only Hawaiian to have gained that distinction.

Leon Siu works well with all kinds of people and endeavors to promote understanding, cooperation, creativity and goodwill. As a follower of Jesus, he is committed to serving and inspiring others through the arts, the culture, the media and personal witness.

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Leon Siu

Musician, composer, vocalist, artist, author, activist
lecturer and advocate of things Hawaiian

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Hawaii’s Godly Legacy


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